All HLA Members,

I have been getting inquiries about the status of our April 22nd, 2020 Spring General Membership Meeting and Spring Clean-up. As of right now, the entire State of MI is under Emergency Orders for us all to “secure in place” and to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from one another in order to get control of the Covid-19 Pandemic that has hit our state. That means that there are to be no groups of more than 10 people gathering anywhere and government buildings have been closed to the public. Tonight I heard Governor Whitmer (on a nightly news show) state that unless we hit our Apex and the virus is no longer spreading in MI she probably will not rescind her order, regardless of what Federal Officials decide to do. The charts available right now for MI, does not anticipate we will hit our Apex until late April or early May. Therefore, I am cancelling our April General Membership Meeting, the HLA Spring Cleanup and any Board Meetings until the Governor rescinds her State of Emergency Orders. This does not mean that when cabin fever strikes, and you decide to go for a nature walk, you cannot pick up and dispose of any litter you may find on your own along the shorelines. Also, if by some miracle, the virus is stopped before April 22nd we will advise everyone of a rescheduled Spring General Membership Meeting date. Lastly, please, please, please take heed and follow the Governor’s Order for yourself, your family and friends. The Corona Virus is nothing to fool around with. Stay safe and healthy. I pray we will not have any of our members afflicted with it.
If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding this posting please feel free to contact me at or by my phone number 810-374-6233.

Julie Brandon, Skipper




Photo by Rob Moen



The Holloway Lake Association Protects your Reservoir

Through regularly scheduled meetings and newsletters, the Holloway Lake Association keeps concerned citizens informed and in touch.  Please support these efforts by becoming a member of the Holloway Lake Association. Together we can make a difference!

The Holloway Reservoir needs your help to remain Genesee County’s precious recreational area.


Issues we are working on:

The Water – predictable levels and good quality
The Regulatory Agencies – boating safety
The Environment – industrial and other pollution
Shoreline Erosion
Parkland Preservation
Richfield Landfill issues
Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Camping, Picnicing or Hiking along the reservoir


Holloway Today: Challenges and Changes

Shoreline Erosion:  Shoreline erosion, which is greatly exacerbated by high speed boating, waves, and sandy soil, has been identified as a concern.  Picturesque Goose Point becomes narrower each year. Trees have tipped over into the water in many areas.  As a result, the Reservoir is becoming increasingly wider. What will it look like in 50 years?

Water Levels: There are many demands on the waters of Holloway. The City of Flint requires constant flow for sanitation plants. Down-river recreational users call for increased summertime flow. In the dry summer months, low water levels on Holloway harm recreation, wildlife and the ecosystem of the water.

Environmental Concerns: The potential impact of The Richfield Landfill on Holloway Reservoir and its surroundings demands activism by the public to insure a safe environment and to maintain the natural beauty of the area.

The increase in the numbers of seagulls requires efforts to control them in order to prevent the damage they cause to property and their contamination of the water.

Regulatory Intrusion: The Holloway Reservoir is heavily regulated by Government, and citizen activism is required to balance the competing interests of the environmental, industrial and recreational communities.



We have been given permission by Nate Harasim to use his song “Holloway Cruise” on our website.  Nate was just a young teenager when he wrote this song while sitting on his dock in Zone 4.  It is simply beautiful!  Make sure you have your speakers on!

Click below to hear Nate’s song